Wednesday, August 31, 2005

lance,lance revolution

yeah, you can call us uncultured if you like. just because we preferred: hoagie cheese fries, orange julii, van halen hats and ddr to the taming of the shrew doesn't mean a thing. i'll bet ol' william would have traded his best plume to see cuchillo bust out these moves to the tune of o lay o lay o lay.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

do you see helen?

i'm not entirely sure if this is the san francisco symphony or if this is just a symphony, but nevertheless, my friend helen plays cello for them about twice a month. she gets symphony gigs in san fran and other places in CA, which is kind of funny because i just know her as the silly girl who makes stuff from cutouts of old books and has toyed with the idea of making dioramas with stuffed mice in shoeboxes. "i'm interested in taxidermy," she has said which, if you knew her, would really make you laugh. speaking of making you laugh, we are set to try and run today, which would be sure to make you laugh, too...i can only imagine what that's gonna look like. i found out that she met planeteer pete when she and a friend stopped in for a lemonade. he reportedly thought they were crazy when they went off about how cheap it was. but for someone who (jointly) pays $1,600 a month for an apartment, a $3 lemonade is a pretty sweet treat.

Friday, August 19, 2005

the scarved avengers

last night these two boys and i ran our tails off in the heat. they pushed me hard and it was wonderful. i partook in the waterfall, er, watertrickle on the way, the result of which was a very sweaty-looking shirt...on the right side only. i hoped people would know that that was biologically impossible, or at least biologically unlikely, but if not, who cares? i've seen stranger things than scarves in august. we three stopped at tds briefly before opting for empanadas in the park, but had to resort to large beer dogs, which turned out not to be resorting at all. and with the lolo mustard topping them off, we had a delicious meal. (followed by donuts, sodapop and a fruit tart-long live health!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 longer in mt

here's to maxxin, who it doesn't look like will be returning to us this year. we all miss you and wish we could see you as a wealthy 80 year-old chinese woman just one more time

Friday, August 12, 2005

new cousin

here's my latest cousin, mari. adopted daughter to my uncle jon and aunt deanna. i think she's from puerto rico. we recently had a small family reunion picnic in bonner park and i had to laugh because we're all so murray. what does that mean? murray is the family name that tied all present together less mari and what that means is we are all rather quiet so we pretty much sat in a circle and picked at grass and smiled. but mari entertained us by being very chatty and curious and running around in circles and doing somersaults or backward somersaults (winterpeppers). she is adorable and only spoke spanish when john and deanna adopted her (age 3) but was speaking english within 3 weeks. amazing. i was blessed to meet/remeet them all and hear stories of jon playing jazz in a swanky l.a. club frequented by the baldwin bros and nancy reagan.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dr Bold

man, i have GOT to stop taking award-winning pictures of this guy or he might get an ego. as you can tell by his expression he takes his sodapop pretty seriously! this sodapop, however, he purchased for me. he opted for the much more cowardly cream soda for himself. he had to make a purchase from the evil grocery store that shall remain nameless but is near the fairgrounds because they threatened to tow non-customers at the owner's expense for parking there. so a little twenty-five cent soda purchase was in order. i didn't even get it confiscated upon entering the fair or the concert, much less the petting zoo. but a good time was had by all, except maybe that 4-horned joseph ram who really wanted outta that cage.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jamey baby

here's the best i could do with my second-rate digital cam on my first-rate phone. (a trip to the verizon store told that my model is still pretty good). i love this pic of james but was hoping for a wider view of the fisher estate in-progress. she's perhaps the cutest little home renovater around...hey that gives new meaning to our forever-in-the-works film project 'vater...' wheels are turning.

Friday, August 05, 2005

home de-co

co as in co-dy. home decot? see, it's funny 'cause the name of the store is really home depot, but because i was there with my brother i substituted...nnnevermind. i bring you the most up-to-date...well, updates of my life. this pic was only an hour ago and already voila! it's on el blogo. had a good morning/afternoon w cuz and bro. co got the hook-up at joann's from rael and her 40% off coupon on velvet...een. the boy's latest project? a wine rack, thus necessitating (sp?)stops at both ho's and jo's (hee hee). we also paid visits to bo's (the book ex) and, uh, verizo's. hoo that was bad. and there's just no joke to be made in denny's. well, some would argue it's a joke in itself, but the original grand slam was enjoyed by all (three) and there is one more finger karate video in the world.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


i think it was moffisa that taught me this trick-pouring honey into a spoon and sticking it in icewater until it hardens, then eating it. it came from her montana pies days...wait, shoot. was that the name of that restaurant? it was decorated old-west-like, on the corner of brooks and mount and served beverages in jars. anyhoo, this pic is from a ceremony at dawna-alba's sendoff party to kazakhstan at f.e.j. numero uno. ifff you know what i mean, annd i think you do. she says honey gets old real fast, and by that i mean you get sick of it. because honey never goes bad. like ""
p.s. my double-timing on these blog entries is makin' some o' ya look bad, ahem.

the rocketeer

well this takes "service with a smile" to a new level, i'd say. here's to my dearest friend, rockabellita. thank you for all you do/have done/will do for me. and i'm not just talking 'bout fixing the free drink drawings in my favor, either. love u and congrats on your new-found sweetheart.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

sweet revenge

here i am at my slovak-food-and-drink-tasting-slash-belated-birthday party. this was a present from ed. contrary to popular opinion i still have a year left before i say farewell, thankyouverymuch.

me, my mom...and dave barney

this photo busts me up. only because i know dave. only those who know us could possibly grasp why this is so funny. i ran into an old friend and former co-worker, greg, last night at liquid p, who is currently working at dave's place of employment. i asked him if he knew dave barney and he just asked, "is that his real name?" i thought that was enough said.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bad boys of ihop

just getting this roll of film developed so i have some catching up to do and decided chronological order was best. this was the day i got home from slovakia and rocky, code and lancelot had lunch with me at ihop. (my mom and dave came too, more on that later). i guess this pic just goes to prove that badness is all in the eye squint. (please note i wanted to make up a clever new acronym for ihop pertainint to this picture like "international hunks on ________" but couldn't think of anything good. any suggestions?