Wednesday, November 08, 2006

fountain of youth?

i had not seen this picture before, or maybe very briefly. but i like it a lot so i'll borrow it from lancelot for this purpose: to celebrate another year gone by in one young life. i was thinking about this, you know one of the things i like best about her? i love that she is curious. and by curious i don't mean odd. i mean she desires to know stuff. i am not curious, and that is why i drive my brother crazy and that is why she and him get along famously. she has to watch a movie through to the bitter end, just to know what happens. i can't even sit through to the end, much less give any sort of resemblance to a rat's behind what happens. she has this thing called an attention span. i love that about her. cody has one too, which is probably why they can hang out both at work and at play, and by "play" i mean watching arrested development (playing a dvd). i will never live down the fact that when he was, oh maybe 10 or 11 he BEGGED me to let him teach me how to play chess and i refused. i was too busy reading the latest issue of vogue. that very well may have been my undoing. say what you will about video games, but my measley, lifelong, grand total of maybe 8 hours of mario is dwarfed in a single weekend by his, yet he's got the focus of a hawk. and i can't even sit through a whole round of "crack the case." but darnit i can tell you who seal's married to. who leonardo is dating. who edward burns' wife is. who adriana lima is. who alex wek is. not to mention anything you don't want to know about hollywood. back to the young life at hand, when you see her today, wish her a happy birthday, and while you're at it, tell her something, anything. i promise she'll take interest.