Friday, May 19, 2006


this is a quickie blog just to let you all know that we're here, we're safe, we're having a great time. my travel went well. i puked minutes before boarding the plane in bozeman and not again! praise God! my ride was comfortable. i was nauseated for a day or two and had zero energy, but now feel good. krakow is beautiful right now. i chose this pic because there are some crazy haircuts here, but we have already had some awesome experiences. yesterday we were having devotions in the park and worshiping and a woman came up and sat with us, we thought she was a friend of the missionary because she arrived at the same time but we found out later that as she walked by our circle she saw a ring of light around us. she said no one ever gathers in that park and no one sings, and especially no one prays for each other like we were. then we got to meet with the group of young polish people last night that the missionaries work with. their group is called impact. this young man named bartek preached. i, for one, was completely blessed and overcome with emotion and tears (might be that i was jetlagged too:) then they prayed for us at the end and i cried a lot. he said this phrase, "God, You have said to this team 'you are ready.'" and it was just such a blessing to realize that God has prepared us and He has felt that we were ready to do the work that He has for us. uh, what else? i guess i'd better post this before i get kicked off this comp. i love you all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

with apologies to edward hopper

hey! i hate the new addition (detraction) to our quaint little downtown as much as the next guy, (ooh, and i just cringed, picturing the river of farmers' market goers flowing in and out of the place on saturday mornings and tuesday evenings, dropping seven dollars on a latte.) which is why i wanted to give a shout-out to the other recent addition. the one a little to the left, er, west of the aforementioned, er, aforereferenced business, er bloodsucking bully. i'm talking about CITY BREW!!! i have to say i wasn't all too excited to see it going in, either, because missoula needs a new coffee shop like it needs a new, what, bank? unemployment agency? its decor, too, bears an uncanny resemblance to its napoleonic neighbor (hey that's pretty good!)with even a circular green logo. nevertheless, my eternity-in-coming point is this...they open at 5 am, are right on the way to the hospital, and have the friendliest baristas in town. (sorry l.p.) not only have i not gotten an unfriendly coffee-maker yet, they have all been unusually and sincerely friendly. and at 5:50 a.m. this is no small thing.