Friday, April 28, 2006

lickety split

so i ruled and reigned over the queendom for three years and the answer to your question, blogger fans, is yes. i DO have too much time on my hands. but i had an idea. i was browsing through flickr, possibly going through soft-serve withdrawals at the time, and looked up "dq." there are only 327 pictures with this tag and 11 of them are mine. half of them have nothing to do with dairy queen and one poor soul was even under the impression that dq stood for don quixote. that fool! just kidding, sort of. well the above photo is, in my opinion, the best one and, although admittedly pretty sweet, that's not saying too much. so thus comes the challenge. i think we should flood flickr with hot eats and cool treats. i'm proposing a friendly little competition to all you faithful readers. take the best picture and i will personally treat you to, well, a treat of your choice. the winner will be decided by flickr viewers. i will check to see which of our dq pics is the most viewed/commented/favorited (don't cheat) before i leave on, say, my last day of work (may 12th, that gives you two weeks). then to celebrate my leaving and your winning we'll head off to the land of lactose. all will be welcome, but only one will go for free:) deal? p.s. a moment of silence for when the dairy queen used to live next to the burger king:(

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


this little guy is my friend leanna's little boy ivan. he just got tested for the gifted and talented program at his school and they discovered what i could have told them long ago...he is both gifted and talented. he is very funny, obsessed with robots and is a bit of a trouble-maker. smart people often are. his teacher had a hard time staying mad at him for drawing on his test when she looked and found a drawing of a praying mantis, detailed down to its very joints. what a cutie.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Does this crack anyone else up?

i know, i know. just got back from a trip to los angeles and THIS is what i choose to blog about? well sometimes pictures win out over subject matter. i was walking home from work yesterday, waiting on the corner of broadway and higgins to cross the street when i spotted this. i don't know if you can tell from the picture but this is a cardboard cut-out of the owner of instyprints (right? missoulians help me out). i know you've seen his award-winning commercials. but what's creepy (or should i say creepiEST?) is that it's about a three-quarters-size cutout, which is always creepy. i can't exactly put my finger on why it is. maybe it goes back to the terror that people in period costumes bring. history is scary and it seems like all people from history were small. we know napoleon was, i picture pushkin to have been...well, another contributing factor to this (yet another) neurosis of mine may have been the time i saw prince's purple rain costume in a display case in the hardrock cafe in nyc. he is, apparently, the size of this cut-out. uhhh, shudder.