Wednesday, March 22, 2006

nataLEEa klondike

i'm sorry t. i told you i'd get you back for your blog post. i had to stay true to my word.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

yep, that's my country

i think i just found my new favorite flickr photographer. not only are they brilliant with a camera, they are clever with titles and the like. (czech me out) my most favorite sLOVEenska (which means "of slovakia," as in photos of slovakia, in slovak. too bad it doesn't work in english sLOVAkia. lova. kinda rings a, um, different tune.


in the notorious words of they might be giants, "this car is protected by viper." and can i just say, thissss car isssss protected by one badd-a#* (really wanted to use the s's on badd-a#* so i could be onomatopoetic) viper if i ever ssssaw one. oh boy. it must be late. my jokes are even worse than usual. actually, (it must be late if i'm questioning whether or not actually has two ls. actualy? no, actually) this was a pretty freakin' sweet snake door lock cover rocky spotted in butte a few weekends ago. there we were, h.j., rahee, krysty kay, rockabella and i, coming out of the world's best second-hand store (yeah, you know) when all of a sudden rock looks to his left and there, in the window of a little red (again, bad-a#*) pickup with airbrushed something or other on the door (screaming eagle was it?), was this little tough guy. i know I won't be lookin' to break and enter any time soon!