Wednesday, September 28, 2005

avalanche lake

here i am with my friend clay at one of the most beautiful places in the country, save, perhaps, for alaska (we all know for whose benefit that was added). anyhoo i like it because it will always remind me of what God taught me up in glacier. treasure the current blessing God's given you because when you long for another, the first is diminished.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

wuh-uh harrr

code and i had lunch plans on saturday afternoon and since we are both short on cash we scrolled through our CHEsAPeake options. he suggested the golden arches, commenting "i watched Super-size Me last night and seriously that movie made me hungry." i agreed bc i wanted to try their new chicken san (not recommended) and as we waited in line he pointed out to me the so-called mcdonald's pirate. so we stood there and tried to think of what a mcdonald's pirate would say? (pirate cowboy=yeeharrr, french cowboy=ouiharr etc.) but nothing came to mind. so we sat down by the king himself and cody decided a pirate elvis would say wuh-uh harrr. any thoughts?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Found on the Sidewalk

i was going to make a comment, a question actually, but when i found this picture it reminded me of another...i was going to ask if anyone, when finding themselves walking in front of someone down a hallway, ever suddenly felt so awkward that it almost seemed one leg was longer than the other? secondly, i heard on the radio this morning that heather mccartney, paul's wife, lost her prosthetic leg at a j-lo concert when an animal rights activist came in to protest j-lo's use of fur. i guess the beatle's missus decided she needed to intervene.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

daniela #2

and THIS is the friend named daniela who will be coming to glacier park next week!!! (i might recommend reading my most recent three blogs backward in order since they'll post most recent first, but i wrote them sequentially, with comments on the previous blog in the next blog...embrace unclarity). oh gosh all of this is to say that she is coming to see meeeeeee! and i'm so excited. she is too, but she doesn't yet know just how small my bathtub is:)

daniela #1

this is my first slovak friend named daniela to come to glacier park...i AM going somewhere with all of this. this is actually daniela #2 because i met her after #1, who is coming in a future blog, but she got renamed "daniela MGR" because that's her title and daniela #2, that it, #1 got renamed "daniela ING" because that's her title. got it. this picture, too, is taken in slovakia, not glacier, because in glacier the sign would read "entry forbidden."


here's my first slovak friend to come to glacier national park, nevermind that she was here before i met her. she's even wearing her glacier t shirt here. this picture, however, was taken on the train in slovakia. surprising, i know, since there are so many trains running through glacier...or montana, for that matter.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

look out L.A.

last sunday i went to see cuchillo off to california and when i walked in to perkins at 4 am, i promise you, the place was not packed. i saw the shannonmobile parked outside, yes even checked the rearview mirror for powerpuff girl collection, but when i walked in all i saw was a woman and a man in a suit. let's just say he cleans up real nice.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


i was holding off blogging this pic since i want to do something arty with it, but it's just too good to wait. i can do something arty too. i just think it captures all that is good and pure and innocent and pudgy and cute and sweet in life. smooth and round and sparkly. what an angel. yeah, i guess that's it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

singles table

welcome to what i would like to call the singles table. it comes equipped with its own tv. how sad. you can sit and eat your lunch and have a companion. a flat-faced companion. what a deal.

Friday, September 02, 2005

a little modeling on the side

ok so katie will probably die laughing. i can just hear her protesting now, and mayyybe it doesn't look thaaaat much like her dad but i almost fell out of my carseat when i saw the norco van drive by. i thought for sure he had a little side gig when he worked at the nursing home of modeling. oh she's gonna die. to anyone who knows katie's dad, help me out here. hello?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


this is a picture of shane macgowan, the lead singer of the irish band, and one of my favorites, the pogues. the purpose of this blog is to expose the devil for what he is; a thief. alcohol, too, is a thief, masquerading as a means to a good time. but it never lasts for long. God made this man to be a poet, i believe one of the best of our time, but his drinking has robbed him and us of what was once so beautiful. here's a taste of his poetry:
"ah london, you're a lady
laid out before my eyes
your golden heart is pulsing
between your scarred-up thighs
your eyes are full of sadness
red buses skirt your hem
your head-dress is a ring of lights
but i would not follow them
your architects were madmen
and your builders sane but drunk
and amidst your fading jewels
shine acid-house and punk
you are a scarlet lady
your streets run red with blood
my darling they have used you
and covered you with mud
it was deep down in your womb, my love
i drank my quart of sin
where chinamen played cards and draughts and knocked back mickey finns
your piss is like a river
its scent is beer and gin
your hell is in the summer
and you blossom in the spring
september is your purgatory
christmas is your heaven
when the stinking streets of summer
are washed away by rain
at the dark end of a lonely street
that's where you lose your pain
'tis then your eyes light up my love
and sparkle once again"