Thursday, February 16, 2006

beyond balderdash, no, no, this is no one we know. i just needed a picture of a muscle builder to help illustrate the gems i saved from the game of beyond balderdash i played with katie, bethie, and chris when we visited portland. for those of you unlucky souls who have never experienced the joys of the game, the object is to fool everyone with the most convincing made-up description or definition of a given name, date, movie title or acronym. here are some of my favorites:
movie "three bites of the apple"-a guy wins a pantload of money at a casino and suddenly women are all over him.
movie "age isn't everything"- a 15 year old boy spends the summer hitting on older girls and driving with a fake id.
movie "age isn't everything"-a 15 year old german shepard defies the odds by coming out of retirement for one more drug bust.
movie "meeting at midnight"- a highschooler with a learning disability secretly meets with his english teacher for some late-night tutoring.
movie "homebodies"-two out-of-work muscle builders get put on house arrest and hilarity ensues.
movie "homebodies"-two obese men who eat potato chips and veg out, drinking and staying home.

i'll leave you to guess who penned each answer, but it may or may not have been:
katie, chris, katie, katie, chris and that order

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

awww, isn't 'e cute?

codella schelbella i love you. you might be the smartest little dresser i know. not only good taste in clothing, but good taste in on-line cartoons, to boot. even if i got you hooked on h.s.r. wish we could hang out more. looking forward to the next trip to the gym...two...too.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


hey! you asked for it, lady. so don't make that face under the weight of all my, well, weight. i fought pretty good to warn you not to try and pick me up. just borrowed this pic and the next from knitload to say, "aaaaaaaaaaah. come, summer." ***click on this photo for some extra notes and specifics.***

did it fool you, too?

no one but maybe eri and i are arguing that we look a heck of a lot alike. but when a pic fools even me, how can i argue? she unknowingly pulled a fast one on curtis cole the other night when he thought she was me. identical cousins...(all the way).

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

happy bday, tot!

this might be my favorite picture from my trip to portland a few weeks ago. i have a series of katie nailbiting/chris coffee drinking and it's great because he becomes increasingly more annoyed with every photo i snapped. i just think this picture is so telling. well anyhow, happy bday sweetie girl. i miss you so much! erin and i were talking about you yesterday, missing you and all your quirks. it's like you don't realize how much you miss someone 'til you see them again. can't wait for the day that we can return to fat dave's together again...or better yet, muchas gracias! go do something fun tonight!

Friday, February 03, 2006

value village

when i went to portland last month we made a special trip all the way to another STATE to see this. ok so that's not enTIREly true. we did go to another state, washington (about 10 minutes away) but we did not go to see this. this was a bonus. maybe it sounds kind of sick, but there's something funny about a barbie in a bag.