Thursday, December 28, 2006

oh the irony

we were driving splashily through the rainy streets of spokane, having accidentally driven to the northgate mall, when zooming past a long line of cars waiting to turn in laura spied this sign. she chuckled and pointed, then protested when i quickly turned into the parking lot. i thought it was the funniest thing ever. i mean, here we were, the two bird-hatingest girls in all the west together in one car, and this is where we landed (pun intended). she didn't even want to go in. i wanted to for comedy value but we only made it as far as just inside the front door (and by "front" i mean back). it didn't take her long to realize that none of the birds were "tied down" and she started, uh, flapping her wings? (so sorry) in fear and we quickly fled. so, we successfully patronized: frank's diner, the kiev grocery and the satellite diner but were too late to enjoy a delicious "donut parade" donut after having driven around all day looking for the shop. victory was ours, though, when we found it, albeit closed, on our way out of town. i guess we have our destination for next time.

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