Thursday, December 21, 2006


as i do my darndest to while away the hours, my mind can't help but drift off to sleepyland. i've been searching a while now through pictures tagged "sleep" on flickr to try and capture something...mere tiredness, i guess (sleep deprivation, really) and after hundreds of pictures of napping kitties (which didn't help matters) i came upon this wonderful room. doesn't it look amazing? so cozy, almost magical, like something out of a storybook. i wish i could jump into it right now (that bed specifically). if i had a room like that i think i'd hole up for the whole winter. my little apartment is quite cozy too, but when you've got a thing for a-framed rooms, nothing less will do.


lance said...

That is a great picture. The great thing about A-frames, is that there is bound to be lots of snow outside.

There are actually quite a few people on flickr who complain about the cats showing up in every search. If you search for just "sleep" you'll get a lot of cats, but if you search for "sleep -cat -kitten -cats -kittens" you'll get all the photos that are tagged with sleep, but not the ones tagged with cat, kitten, cats, or kittens. Just throw a minus sign before the ones you want to exclude.

Great to see another post. I need to get about the same thing.

lafalda said...

seriously? you can just subtract tags? that's so great! ah the small pleasures of word/photo nerds.